Construction to Perm Finance options available to you

We know financing isn’t one size fits all. Together, with our network of partners, we’ll help you figure out what financing option best fits you.

One-time close Construction to Perm Loan
Already have land?
If you already own your lot, you will need a one-time construction to perm loan. With this loan product, the value of your land can be used to mitigate the down payment amount needed to convert your loan into a traditional mortgage.
This is good for you if
Ready to get started building
Already own your land free and clear
One-time close Construction to Perm Loan
Paying cash for your land?
Buy your lot in cash to lower the down payment needed for the construction to perm loan. This structure also lowers the amount of interest you will pay during the construction process. At the end of the build, the construction loan is converted into a traditional mortgage.
This is good for you if
Have liquid assets and can purchase your lot in cash
Desire lower interest payments during your build
Two-time close Construction to Perm Loan
Land-to-Build Program
One of our partnered lenders, Kyle McDonough with Mid-America Mortgage, created the land to build program. This two-time close products allows you to buy a lot with little money down and a faster closing process. With lots selling so quickly, this can provide you an option in purchasing land usually in 30 days or less. This is a great option for those looking.
This is good for you if
You need to access the equity in your current home
Want to stay in exisiting home while new home is built
Our Process
We’ve worked with our partner lender to create financial products specific
to custom homebuilding to help get you started on building a home.
Get pre-approved to know what your overall budget will be—including cost estimates for taxes, insurance, construction interest, and closing costs.
Your deposit goes towards any outstanding land due diligence needs
and retains our designers to work on
your custom floor plan.
con. Loan closing
Construction begins once you sign the builder contract and the construction loan closing takes place. The Atmos deposit is credited to your overall Atmos fee.